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Bounty Board Podcast

Bounty Board Podcast Guest Appearance

The Bounty Board podcast recently invited me on as a guest to talk about storytelling in video games. Host Caleb Sawyer and I have a terrific, funny, rambling chat about my favorite games, the stories that made them memorable, and how those interactive narratives are changing fiction.

SYFY The Fandom Files podcast

SYFY’s Fandom Files Podcast Guest Appearance

I made a guest appearance on SYFY Channel’s podcast The Fandom Files for a special Labor Day episode highlighting geek careers. They invited to discuss what I’ve learned from 5 years of hosting Nerd For A Living, interviewing industry professionals, and from my own media and freelance career.

Podcast Engineering School Show

Podcast Engineering Show Guest Appearance

I was invited to talk with host Chris Curran on the Podcast Engineering Show about my recording gear and methodologies. It’s a deep dive into what I was using in 2017.