FanPals Episode 11: “End of Days” — Podcast Guest Appearance

FanPals Podcast

I recently appeared on the FanPals podcast to talk about dystopian fiction and its impact on audiences. It’s episode #11 “End of Days”, and you can find it on iTunes, SoundCloud, and their website.

My participation in this discussion was inspired by my moderation of the San Diego Comic Con 2018 panel “Finding Comfort in the Apocalypse”. FanPals host, Liz, and I talk about apocalyptic storytelling across books, films and games, and why people are drawn to them. My part of the episode starts right around the 38 minute mark.

Episode description (from iTunes):

Fanpals Mel, Liz, and Lauren discuss the apocalypse in their first themed episode. Play along with new segments This, That, Or the Other and Snog/Marry/BFF, where your fanpals try to choose which awful end-of-the-world scenario they’d rather live in, and decide whether Thomas from the Maze Runner would make a better life partner than Old Alice. Stick around for Liz’s chat with Adron Buske of the Fictitious podcast, which covers everything from taking comfort from apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, to whether or not our current political situation will eventually make for good entertainment.


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