Edelweiss Bookfest 2021 Panel — “Hope on the Edge of Catastrophe”

Edelweiss Bookfest 2021 — Hope on the Edge of Catastrophe panel

I moderated this sci-fi writer panel for Edelweiss Bookfest

On Tuesday, June 8th, I joined the 2021 Edelweiss Bookfest virtual event as a moderator for the “Hope on the Edge of Catastrophe: Rising to Face a New Tomorrow”. I talked with authors Ryka Aoki, Jennifer Marie Brissett, and Claire North about their novels and apocalyptic sci-fi storytelling.

The panel conversation was held live over video for the Bookfest audience, who contributed comments and questions throughout. While the event was recorded, it is currently only available to paid Bookfest attendees via Edelweiss Connect. (It was a terrific conversation, so I hope Edelweiss puts it online for the general public sometime soon.)

Here’s the official panel description from the event:

Hope on the Edge of Catastrophe: Rising to Face a New Tomorrow

Apocalypse. Calamity. The end of the world. Whether exciting adventures or dire warnings, science fiction often takes us to the edge of existence to examine who we are as humans. Join Ryka Aoki (Light From Uncommon Stars), Jennifer Marie Brissett (Destroyer of Light), and Claire North (Notes from the Burning Age) as they discuss their visions of humanity in the face of extraordinary challenge and change. Moderated by FICTITIOUS host, Adron Buske.

About the Bookfest 2021 Event

Bookfest 2021—held June 8th & 9th—was a ticketed virtual event, hosted by Edelweiss, which is home to a community of over 180,000 book professionals and readers. Bookfest is an extension of this community and is truly a conference for the industry, by the industry. Whether you’re a book professional or just a bookworm, you’ll love Bookfest!

Edelweiss Bookfest 2021 — Hope on the Edge of Catastrophe panel


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