I’m an experienced podcaster, and have been hosting and producing audio podcast shows and content since 2012. I also worked in the radio industry for 11 years. While I wasn’t an on-air talent (other than voicing a few radio spots and occasionally appearing as an additional commentator) I learned a lot about production and interviewing just being in the radio studios. 

I’ve built a reputation as an astute and engaging interviewer through hundreds of interviews, in podcasts and on-stage at events. You can see an expansive list of these conversations on the Interviewer page.

If you are interested in working with me as a host or producer, reach out via the Contact page.


I’m best known for the Fictitious podcast (and, later, YouTube program) about the storytelling craft of science fiction and fantasy. Fictitious features more than 80 in-depth author interviews, examining the writing craft behind their most recent, and most popular, works.

Sometimes characterized as “the show the pros listen to”, the Fictitious audience includes many published authors, lots of aspiring writers, and many fans wanting a look behind the curtain to see how their favorite stories were created.

Fictitious began in 2017 as a spinoff of Nerd For A Living, mirroring the original program’s focus on careers. After the first season, it became entirely its own brand, oriented entirely around the writing process and experience.

In 2020, Fictitious began to simulcast on YouTube with video author interviews. After a four-year run, the show is on indefinite hiatus as of June 2021, but might return with an updated format.


Scoreography is a show about the art, athleticism, culture, and entertainment of Figure Skating. Hosted by my lifelong skating fanatic wife, Wendy Buske,  and me (her skating-convert husband), Scoreography is an accessible and enthusiastic celebration of the greatest sport on ice!

We discuss current competitions, the sport’s history and legacy, up-and-coming skaters and absolute legends, and the action outside of the rink.

Our goal is to promote Figure Skating to a broader, casual audience, particularly in the United States. Whether you’re new to the sport’s fandom, a once-in-awhile watcher, or a seasoned skating veteran, you’ll find something to enjoy in our program.

Nerd For A Living

Previous to Fictitious, I co-hosted the Nerd For A Living podcast. That show explored the lives and careers of professionals in pop culture industries — film & tv, animation, gaming, comics, and beyond. 

Nerd For A Living started in 2013, co-created with my wife, Wendy Buske. It grew out of the live event programming we were producing at comic conventions, for an audience of “ambitious nerds”.

Though the show has been (mostly) dormant since 2017, it continues to be discovered and enjoyed by new audiences every day. And “Nerd For A Living” has become the over-arching brand for Wendy and I’s entrepreneurial ventures. 

Other Productions

I also hosted & produced the short-lived Animation Invasion (a Nerd For A Living spinoff devoted to careers in cartoons). And I got my start co-hosting and producing RocketBot Radio, a show for-and-about comic book creators, which was a production of the now-defunct RocketBot comics site. 

While all of my publicly available shows have been interview or conversation programs, I’ve produced several fully scripted pilot projects which have yet to be released. (While they were exciting to write, voice, and produce, the workloads were too intense for my schedule as a solo creator. I hope to share a couple soon, though.)

Technical Details

Along with hosting duties, I did the audio production for all of the shows mentioned above. Over time, I’ve crafted a clean production sound and well-developed narrator voice. 

My production suite has evolved significantly over the years but, for the technically minded, it currently consists of:

  • Shure MV7 microphone
  • Audio-Technica headphones
  • Adobe Audition audio editor
  • Adobe Premiere Rush video editor
  • Adobe Photoshop for all website/social graphics
  • and an array of additional tools for scripting, metadata editing, etc.