Creative Writer & Content Creator

I’ve always been a storyteller. From the first, simple illustrated tales I created as a child, to the stories I put to music as a songwriter. Narratives I scripted for comic books. Seminars and keynote speeches. Hundreds of podcast intros. It’s the skillset all of my other talents are built on.

While my writing skill set has permeated every aspect of my career, I’m only now focusing on it as my primary export. And, in particular, I’m pouring my energies into creating fiction—bringing my stories to life as novels, audio dramas, non-fiction books, and beyond.

There will be more to discover here soon, when I can talk about some of these projects and releases. 

In the meantime, you can check out some of my articles and essays, or read my book reviews (on the Fictitious site).

Freelance Copywriter

For a number of years, I’ve been a freelance copywriter and content creator for advertising agencies, corporations, small businesses, and media outlets—producing compelling storytelling across media channels.

My services include writing for long-form content (articles / blogs), short-form content (newsletters / announcements / PR releases), media scripts (podcast, radio ad spot), social media post copy, traditional and display advertising copy, research, and technical writing.

I can match brand tone to deliver work in formal, professional language, or a more personal, lifestyle-appropriate attitude.

Available for short-term, quick turnaround assignments, or ongoing projects with frequent scheduled deliverables. Subject matter specializations in digital media, online business, and pop culture / entertainment—but I’m a quick study and can write for diversified industry verticals.