Bounty Board Podcast Guest Appearance

Bounty Board Podcast

I recently appeared as a guest on the Bounty Board Podcast (part of the Nerdy Bits family of shows). I joined the host, Caleb Sawyer, to dig into video game writing and storytelling. It’s a fun and rambling conversation that digs into what we think makes a great game story—and some of the stuff that doesn’t work, too.

Caleb and I met in the St. Louis gaming scene a few years back and then ran into each other at San Diego Comic Con several times. He’s a great host and we have an easy rapport, which makes this interview silly, funny, and yet still pretty insightful.

Check out “Episode 134: Intro to Storytelling w/ Adron Buske” on the Bounty Board website.

You can also listen to this episode on Audible.

Nerdy Bits is “a group of gamers, diverse in belief, background, experience, and opinion, who want to share our love of video games with the world.”

Bounty Board is back this week to kick off a series about storytelling in games and to help us get the ball rolling we have special guest Adron Buske! Adron hosts the Fictitious Podcast, a show focused on diving into the “Storytelling Craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy” (we know, its fancier than we sound…). Having met at a local gaming expo in STL called PixelPop Festival a few years back, Adron and Caleb have interacted several times over the years and finally they made the time to actually record.

Together the two get into storytelling in games. For a long time games were seen as just a kids hobby, but as time has progressed, games have become more and more capable of telling truly masterful stories. Caleb and Adron discuss what works for them, what games they think of all the time, moments that captured their attention completely. They talk about many other things as well, so buckle up! This is a good one.


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Bounty Board Podcast
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Bounty Board Podcast Guest Appearance

The Bounty Board podcast recently invited me on as a guest to talk about storytelling in video games. Host Caleb Sawyer and I have a terrific, funny, rambling chat about my favorite games, the stories that made them memorable, and how those interactive narratives are changing fiction.