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While it is not an active pursuit for me at the moment, I spent a number of years as an indie comic book creator. While I’m primarily a comics writer, I’ve covered a lot of different roles, including letterer, book designer, colorist, and layout artist.

Although it’s not the focus of my writing attention at the moment, I look forward to creating more comics work in the future. I’ve always loved the sequential art medium, and the impact of comics and graphic novels on my writing and imagination is enormous.

I got my start as the writer and co-creator of Loop & Hoodie, a supernatural buddy comedy web-comic, alongside artist Dan Cassity and colorist Travis Nuckolls. Next was the fantasy adventure one-shot Good Intentions, with artist Gene Kelly. 

In 2014, I debuted the 5-story anthology Vital Signs, where I worked with artistic collaborators from around the globe. That same summer, I released the all-ages one shot adventure Amby Verce & the Ascenders with artist Yashera Ames. Both of those books are available on Comixology. 

Vital Signs: A Comics Anthology by Adron Buske

Available on Comixology. This 60 page comic collection includes the following stories:

Sorceroid: A sentient, robotic mage defends a mysterious supernatural force from a secret agency devoted to the eradication of magic.

Path of the Black Hand: Pain and doom follow the appearance of a dark mark. But, for the only man who can see it, is the black hand death itself, or simply madness?

Good Intentions: Eight adventurers embark on a righteous quest to save their realm. But what songs will the bards sing of those who went bravely into the night… never to return?

Mnemosyren: A young lawyer disrupts an assassination attempt on an acclaimed CEO. In the process, she encounters a piece of bleeding-edge tech that carries the most dangerous kind of data: human memories.

Corners: A specter from the past interrupts an elderly man’s solitude, leading him on a journey of rediscovery.

Written by Adron Buske, Vital Signs features art by Rori!, Gene Kelly, Erwin J Arroza, David Thor Fjalarsson, James O. Ross, Elena Vitagliano, and Mary McKenzie. Cover by Joe Dodd.

Amby Verce: The Lighthouse Adventure

Available on Comixology. All-ages adventure.

Amby Verce and the crew of the airship Ascender set out across the corrupted mists, following a mysterious beacon. They hope the signal will lead them to clues about the seven missing City Ships. But the beacon’s call will place the young engineer and her friends in the path of the deadly Necrolatry.

Written and lettered by Adron Buske. Art and colors by the brilliant Yashera Ames.

A short “zero issue” comic, this book was intended as a “pilot” to test interest in an colorful, steampunk-esque series featuring human and anthropomorphic characters. It merges the structure of classic 80s and 90s cartoon adventures with the sensibilities of video games, anime, and modern middle grade novels. 

I intend to return to this project—though whether it will be as a comic, novel series, or other media, I’m not yet certain. There are a lot of stories to be told in Amby’s world, and the kids and parents who read this story were very enthusiastic about it.  

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