Critical Mass for Business Radio Show Appearance

Critical Mass For Business Radio Show and Podcast

Guest Appearance on Critical Mass Radio Show & Podcast

I was invited as a guest speaker on the Critical Mass Radio Show and Podcast. (My interview starts at the 29:03 mark in the recording.) Guest host Genese Davis and I talk about how my wife and I found a niche market for our business, Nerd For A Living, and created a community to assist people seeking sustainable career paths in pop culture related industries.

You can listen to the episode here.

About Critical Mass For Business

The Critical Mass Radio Show (heard on Orange County Talk Radio and iHeart Radio) is the brainchild of host Richard Franzi, conducting thoughtful interviews with business owners, authors, and thought leaders. Richard has conducted over 1,500 interviews and created over 1,300 podcasts since the inception of the program in March 2009. Richard is the author of 3 business books, a keynote speaker, and the leader of an executive learning community in Orange County.


Adron Buske — Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, Interviewer, Musician, and Multimedia Storyteller

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