Podcast Engineering Show Guest Appearance

Podcast Engineering School Show

Guest appearance on The Podcast Engineering Show

I recently appeared on The Podcast Engineering Show to talk with host Chris Curran about my podcast creation methodologies, gear, and weekly workflow. If you’re interesting in making podcasts—or already doing it but looking to refine your process—this is a very in depth dive into how I do what I do.

*** 2021 Note: this show was recorded in early 2017. My shows, equipment, and methods have changed a LOT since then, so much of this conversation is out of date now. ***

This episode (#042) is available on Podcast Engineering School website.

About The Podcast Engineering Show

Chris Curran chats with podcasters about their audio equipment, software, and workflow. Learn step-by-step how they are producing podcasts, solutions to common audio issues, and plenty of tips and tricks. By listening every week, you will gain a TON of audio production knowledge and skills that will make a HUGE difference in the quality of your sound.


Adron Buske — Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, Interviewer, Musician, and Multimedia Storyteller

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