DiceGeeks Return Appearance — Be a Better Gamemaster By Studying Stories

DiceGeeks.com RPG Podcast hosted by Matt Davids

DiceGeeks Podcast 2nd Appearance

I was excited to appear a second time on the Dicegeeks.com Tabletop RPG Show. Host Matt Davids and I catch up after our gaming experiences have moved online thanks to pandemic lockdown.

Matt and I discuss becoming a better RPG gamemaster by studying stories. We talk about creating compelling villains, plot points, and story structure—plus share tips for playing online. We also swap stories from our roleplaying game campaigns, favorite movie references, and much more.

Check out this interview on the DiceGeeks.com website.

Listen to this conversation on RadioPublic.

And here’s a link to my previous DiceGeeks appearance.

About the DiceGeeks Podcast

DiceGeeks is a tabletop role-playing game show “where we learn to become better gamemasters and role-players by filling ourselves with stories and knowledge. We talk Dungeons and Dragons, film history, mythology, archaeology, literature, and much more.”


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