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‘Turning your Art into an Online Business’ at Wizard World St. Louis

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Wizard World St. Louis panelists

I recently spoke on a marketing panel at Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con. The panel, "Turning Your Art Into an Online Business: Branding & Marketing for Creators", was presented by Nerd For A Living.

Our group of professional writers, crafters, business owners and marketers provided helpful tips for promoting your art, and yourself, online. We discussed starting your business, targeting your audience through advertising and social media, protecting your designs, time-management, and how to maintain an online shop. My fellow panelists included Ashley Schonberg, owner of Jayne Danger; Rhiannon Paille, author of the Ferryman & the Flame YA book series; and Amanda Nuckolls, owner of GnomeAcres. The session was moderated by Nerd For A Living’s Wendy Buske.

The panel is available as a podcast via Nerd For A Living: click here to listen.

Wizard World St. Louis panelists Adron Buske and Rhiannon Paille