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Hi, I'm Adron

I call myself a “multimedia storyteller” as a catch-all for the wide variety of stuff I do and create. I’m a writer (fiction, non-fiction, and client-work),  interviewer & podcaster,  professional speaker, voiceover talent, musician, comic creator, and more. I stay busy.

I’m probably best known as the host of the FICTITIOUS podcast and YouTube channel, or as the host & co-founder of NERD FOR A LIVING. I’ve appeared as a speaker on stage in dozens of panels, seminars, and presentations at pop culture conventions, universities, and libraries. 

Explore this site to discover all the stuff I’ve done, and what’s coming up next.

I’m an experienced professional speaker, with frequent appearances at pop culture conventions, universities, libraries, and other events. I present seminars about the craft of storytelling, entertainment careers, marketing, and ways to power-up your life using concepts from fiction and roleplaying games.

I have extensive interviewing experience, from years as a podcaster, live event panel moderator, and main stage host. My interviews include over a hundred conversations with authors about storytelling craft. Dozens more feature creatives in the film, TV, animation, and comics industries. 

I’ve hosted and produced a number of podcasts—most notably Fictitious and Nerd For A Living. I bring a number skills to this pursuit, including professional-level voiceover, audio production, writing, interviewing, and web delivery. My aim is to always deliver a high caliber audio experience.

My Shows & Podcasts


FICTITIOUS is a YouTube video program and audio podcast that delves into the craft of Science Fiction & Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their latest, and most popular, works.

Nerd For A Living Podcast

Nerd For A Living

The NERD FOR A LIVING Podcast explores the lives and careers of professionals working in pop culture and genre entertainment industries – film & television, publishing, comics, gaming, and more. We examine the place where career ambitions and geeky passions collide. Hosted by Adron Buske, co-hosted by Wendy Buske.

Scoreography — A Podcast about the greatest sport on ice, Figure Skating!


SCOREOGRAPHY is a podcast about the art, athleticism, culture, and entertainment of Figure Skating. Hosted by lifelong skating fanatic Wendy Buske and her skating-convert husband Adron Buske, Scoreography is your accessible and enthusiastic celebration of the greatest sport on ice!


Dawson's Creek Cast

A Reflection on Dawson’s Creek

I remember people criticizing the dialogue of the show: “Nobody talks like that.” But me and my friends did. We were pop culture sponges and fiction devourers, fully loaded with catchphrases, quotes, and a zealot’s appreciation for lyrical vocabulary words. Dawson’s Creek tapped a nerve, with a voice that felt both fresh and honest, and undeniably familiar as well.

Artist Alley

Protecting Artist Alley

This article was originally posted at comic creator site Rocketbot, and later Nerd For A Living. Though the news stories that inspired it happened some time ago,


Six Books to Prime your Business Mind

I recently wrote this article for Nerd For A Living: In your pursuit of a nerdy living, particularly one devoted to creative tasks and/or the running of

News, Events & Blogs

Bounty Board Podcast
Guest Appearances

Bounty Board Podcast Guest Appearance

The Bounty Board podcast recently invited me on as a guest to talk about storytelling in video games. Host Caleb Sawyer and I have a terrific, funny, rambling chat about my favorite games, the stories that made them memorable, and how those interactive narratives are changing fiction.

New York Comic Con Metaverse Panel — Telling Tales Between the Stars
Guest Appearances

NYCC Metaverse 2020 Panel — Telling Tales Between the Stars

I joined the NYCC Metaverse 2020 virtual event to moderate the panel “Telling Tales Between the Stars” with sci-fi writers Elaine Mongeon and Glen Zipper, Tochi Onyebuchi, Essa Hansen, Elizabeth Bear, and Christopher Paolini.