You’re Beautiful, Kelly Clarkson

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Originally Posted to Blogger – Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I heard recently that Kelly Clarkson had signed an endorsement deal with Vitamin Water, but the company was refusing to pay her or use her services until she dropped 10-15 pounds. The flavored water-ish distributor has a health-oriented image to maintain, (you know, that’s why they aligned themselves with rapstar 50 Cent – feuding with other rappers and getting shot 9 times just screams healthy) so a “fat” Clarkson was unsuitable for their campaign.

Beyond her considerable singing abilities, I admire Kelly for being a “real” girl in an industry of finger-gagging waifs and no-talent plastic drama queens. She’s girl-next-door pretty, goofy and fun in interviews, and has never lost that beautiful junk-in-the-trunk.

I understand the company wanting its spokesperson to look good. It’s hard to market with an unattractive spokesperson (check out McDonald’s unfathomable “Hugo” campaign). But forcing Clarkson to fit into the contemporary Hollywood vision of beauty (bone-skinny without a curve to be found outside of big, fake boobies) is both detestable and contradictory.

Afterall, why hire Clarkson if you didn’t want a chick with womanly-hips, moderately-sized breasts and feminine curves? Go get a generic music industry hussie to push your glorified Kool-Aid, like newly-no-nose-bumped Ashley Simpson. Hell, you could probably afford the entire Pussycat Dolls contingent for what Kelly costs. But wait, they don’t have her credibility, sustaining popularity or likeable approachability, do they? Hmmm….

You’re beautiful, Kelly Clarkson, even if your thighs and belly get unjustly ridiculed in (insert appropriate, mind-numbingly unoriginal fashion/women’s/celebrity magazine title). Perhaps Vitamin water should find themselves a pretty little emo-boy, get him some implants to go with his girls’ low-rise jeans and pass his skinny ass off as a pop starlet.


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  2. You’ve said it all right there. I couldn’t agree more. Their idea of a “healthy” image is a bunch of coked out girls with no shape. Unfortunatly, this is what children are trained to think is beautiful and why young women suffer from anorexia, bulemia, and depression. I personally admire Kelly for not trying to be like Lindsay Lohan or any of those other girls. She’s beautiful as she is and I hope she tells vitamin water to stick it!

    Posted by Kristal on Wednesday, August 02, 2006 – 8:40 AM

  3. i couldnt agree with you more…

    All my life, i was skinny as a rail. now, to put it bluntly, im a bit pudgy. and although i dont feel wonderful about it, people like Kelly Clarkson – who are a little pudgy but considered beautiful – make me feel BETTER (not ok..but better) about my pudge.

    Heres to your pudge Kelly.

    Posted by Katie on Thursday, August 10, 2006 – 3:00 PM

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