Where have I been?

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Originally Posted to Blogger – Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I’ve been an absentee friend lately, a non-blogger, a work-a-holic. You might have wondered, “where’s that Adron guy been?”. Or maybe not. Maybe you were too busy to notice. I understand completely.

I’m always busy – that’s just a fact of my life. My close friends know I am driven and obsessed with my ambitions and projects, and sometimes undone by them. My wife always says I’m a work-a-holic, and that’s been true these past few weeks, since work is about all I’ve done.

The weeks since our return from New York have been a continuous streak of peaks and valleys, all work related. Suffice to say that my job has been stressful lately, with the occasional upshot (for instance, I recently won my national division’s quarterly award for excellence on the job. I received the plaque today – still waiting on the bonus money).

Also since the NYC trip, my freelance work increased from a trickle to a deluge. I’ve been spending my night’s creating websites for medical testing clinics, popular area tribute bands, sports bar chains and communications schools. I love designing, and enjoy creating product for such diversified clients. I’m doing one site largely in Flash, which is a first for me, and a daunting task.

I wake up. I go to work. I come home. I work out. I do freelance stuff. I fall asleep at my desk. I take the dog out to go number two. I crash.

The freelance stuff is good – monetarily and creatively. But I haven’t spent enough time writing. My short stories remain unfinished. My redraft of the script for Gene and I’s animation project is still incomplete. My submission for Dark Wisdom magazine remains unsent.

Conversely, I have fit some writing in during my lunch break and before work, at “my desk” (ie a large table) at Starbucks in Union Station. Today actually marks a milestone for me. A little over two years ago I bought a finely-graphed, dense blank book to write in. At my wife’s practical and brilliant suggestion, it was chosen for its simplicity and free form. I had tended to try and force my creativity into “methods” previously, to frustrating ends, but Wendy saw that a free-form collective point for all my varied creative drives was necessary.

This morning, I filled the last page with notes for an animation script. Every right side page of the book is filled with my miniscule, draft print. The left sides are scrawled with hasty notes, random asides, character sketches, snippets of dialogue. The pages contain story ideas, extended narratives, poems, song lyrics, website layouts, a full comic script, the first draft of a novel prologue, short editorials later published as newspaper columns, accounts of dreams, free form ramblings.

Any time I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, I flip through that book and know that, while most of the projects are not complete, I have still written more in the last two years than in all those previous. More of those creative sparks have kindled into full-fledge concepts, detailed storylines, actual prose.

I filled that end page. Then I unwrapped the successor, the same style, gridded ledger, this one’s cover black where the other is blue. I wrote my name in the front of the book, and continued where I had left off in the last. I covered the first page in my angular scrawl.

I can’t wait to fill up the rest.


  1. How far you’ve come from the WebFN days. ;-P

    Glad to see you’re doing well.

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