Starbucks Chai and Bruce Campbell

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Originally Posted to Blogger – Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The ups and downs of finding a new domicile. Running on empty.

Last night, Wen (my wife) and I were up till 4:30am talking with my friend Travis (the recent divorcee). Fortunately, it wasn’t bitter talk of love lost and trust broken, but instead an indepth look back on our group of friends (the affectionately termed Armada) and our years together. It was one of those conversations you hate to cut off, but when you have to be up at 6:00am, you’ve gotta shut down sometime.

So I was very, very tired today.

While taking my lunchbreak at Starbucks and enjoying a Chai (my drink of choice, no water, no fat, 130 degrees cause my mouth burns easy), I was reading the fast and fun If Chins Could Kill…. This is an autobiographical account of the life of a B-movie actor, by none other than Bruce Campbell, he of boomsticks, classy one-liners and cult classic films. I’m a big fan of Bruce, and the book has only made me appreciate this humble and entertaining actor all the more. But in the new addition to the trade paperback I have, Bruce mentions that part of his pre-flight ritual when traveling is to grab a “Chai steamer from Starbucks”. I know it’s silly, but it’s cool to have that little thing in common with someone I respect. Hail to the “Corporate Whore”. And hail to you, Bruce. Your book is such an insightful, enjoyable read.

Late in my sleep-deprevation mired workday, I found out that we had been turned down for the duplex we liked in Glen Carbon. I was pretty bummed. The location wasn’t perfect, but the house had so much room, and was laid out so well. But it was on a tiny cul-de-sac, and a weird, sloping driveway, and looked a little cruddy outside, though it was immaculate within. Damn.

But later in the evening, while sitting at my Mac and working on a freelance project (for a radio station in Kansas City), the landlord for the house we liked in O’Fallon called. He liked us and we’re in. I’m very excited. We’re going to work on all the details later, but it looks like we should be moving around July 25th. The house is cute and very well maintained, and the neighborhood is fantastic. It’s right next to a huge city park that is patrolled day and night and kept very clean. The house has character, with very old school appliances mixing with newer stuff, skeleton key closets and a fancy new shower stall. And, if everything works out right, we might be able to have a dog!

I’m stoked.

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