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Originally Posted to Blogger – Sunday, July 10, 2005

Beginning to pack. Searching for canine companionship.

Started the packing process today. Packing is such a drawn out exercise in distraction. Everytime I get a box almost perfectly filled, there is always that small empty space that I must compulsively fill. I’ll run around the entire house looking for that certain knick-knack, paperback or whatever that will fill the space just so. There’s also much time spent sorting through old papers, throwing stuff away, evaluating whether or not to keep junior high report cards and high school newspaper clippings. Make sure to add breaktime for nostalgia, and for laughs at my bad hair in playcards from old theatre performances and homecoming photos. Discover items you didn’t know you had. Throw them away. Pull them back out of the trash and put them in an unmarked manilla envelope, guaranteeing another bout of surprise upon the next move.

Spent most of the afternoon looking for a dog. It has become our obsession. We stopped by a PetSmart adoption day, but there were only big dogs left. Met the most exceptionally kind and social pit bull, named Chance. Pit bulls are a much maligned breed, what with a small section of the population having been bred into fighting machines. I have friends that keep them, and their pups and dogs are sweet, affectionate and loyal. Wendy and I couldn’t quite gather if Chance was actually up for adoption, or just their with someone, but it’s a shame that would probably wouldn’t be able to even have him in our new town (many cities place restrictions on pit bulls, apparently). Chance had a gorgeous, sleek calico coat, with beautiful eyes and a cute face. He stood with dignity and poise, but was very friendly and gracious, and he gave me very affectionate kisses on the face when I petted him. Although many of the other dogs were very boisterous (including a young bassett hound that seemed to have some biting and howling issues), Chance never once made a sound. He was very alert, but never jumpy or nervous. I hope someone is or will give this incredible dog a good home. If I run across him again, I don’t know that I could keep myself from taking him home.

Later we went to Pass Pets in the St. Claire Square mall. There we spent a good half hour playing with a little Pembroke Corgi female. She was very playful and affectionate, but easy to calm down. She’s a silly little dog and had us laughing the whole time we were with her. She did, however, shed all over us, and piddled on the floor, which was a little embarrassing. We really debated on getting her, but after taxes and everything, she would be $600 dollars or so. Which is actually down from her original $900 price tag. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t have a place for her until we got moved into the new house, and we’ll be tight for a little while because of the move. But if she sticks around the pet store for very long, we just might get her…

Yesterday, my friends’ divorce got all the worse. As in, real bad. Too much to get into now, and too emotionally draining, but trust me, it’s a mess.

Voicemail from my old friend (who I considered my little sister through most of high school and college) Erin DeMoulin: “Hey, I’m getting married in a week. And I just found out I’m pregnant. So you’ll be an uncle, again. How about that?”

When Erin still calls me “big brother”, if feels a little forced, and a bit anachronistic. We haven’t really been close since I returned from my year in hell in DeKalb, IL, back in 1999. We grew apart, as those things happen, wrapped up in very different social spheres. These days, communication with her is sparse and odd. I wish her the absolute best, as she is a genuinely sweet, good-natured person. It’s just that our lives don’t really fit together anymore. And she lives in Arizona, so that doesn’t help.

Now she and her soon-to-be-husband, The Dougal, have procreated. This will likely be a very odd child. Which will make them both quite pround, to be sure.


  1. Everybody grows apart, it seems. *wry grin* We certainly did, but such is life.

    Kit (who remembers traipsing through the Savage Land, and singing harmony on Alice In Chains songs, and “This is bullshit. Fuck Caesar!”)

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