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From MySpace Blog: Thursday, May 25, 2006

I’ve not been an active blogger for a little bit, so here’s some random catching up:

. I went to Mexico recently, on a business trip. Stayed at a fancy 5 star all inclusive resort. Went to meetings, had a sports massage, did a little swimming, drank tequila and hung with my Emmis Interactive peeps from all over the nation. Good times. Special note: when you don’t want to return from Mexico looking like a lobster, look to Neutrogena SPF 45 spray on sunblock. It’s like Colt 45 for your skin – works every time!

. The DaVinci Code movie is good. Don’t believe the critics. The most thrilling ride ever? No. But still very entertaining, well acted (especially Ian McKellan – no surprise) and intriguing. I never found it slow or tedious as some reviewers remarked, but I’m usually okay with a film taking it’s time, as long as it’s justified with character development or important information. (This does not apply to Peter Jackson’s King Kong, which I believe suffers from George Lucas syndrome – Petey’s too successful for anyone to reign him in when he gets unnecessarily extravagant.) I believe that many reviewers’ opinions were directly related to their views of the novel, the questions about the ideas it presents, and the author himself. For instance, Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Gleiberman’s (sp?) review was full of pointed jabs at Dan Brown, the ideas in the story, and very little to really say about the movie. Then again, between Owen and Lisa Swarzen-something-or-another, EW’s reviewing staff is the last I’d look to for sound feature-going advice.

. I’m working on some new designs for the Point website. Finally, after 4 years of looking at that ugly thing, I get to do something new. I’m totally stoked, although my workload for the next few weeks just increased dramatically.

. At a recent friend gathering, I ended up playing several games of “washers”. It marked my second instance ever, I think, of partaking in this pasttime. I’ve always found washers, and horse shoes, to be a bit hoosier. But I had fun playing at the GC house warming party, and did pretty good for my second time out – a 4-1 record, losing only to Warmouse’s wife, Lisa.

. Wendy and I are nearing completion of the “Firefly” series – the short-live sci-fi, space-western tv series created by Joss Whedon, later continued with the film Serenity. I may have said it before, but it bears repeating now: “SONS OF BITCHES!!!” This show was so well written and spectacularly acted, it’s ludicrous that the network cancelled it before allowing it to build it’s audience. They should know by now that niche genre shows take a little time to gather an audience, but when they do, they can power their way through years of programming. Even shows you’d never have thought would be popular (i.e. Stargate SG-1, Forever Knight, Highlander) built large, loyal fanbases that sustained them through many seasons. Must I mention Buffy and Angel? My new emperor Joss Whedon is off working on a Wonder Woman film (with his track record of exceptionally strong female protagonists, only he can really pull this off), but I so wish he would return to making Firefly, maybe on the Sci-Fi channel. The shows lead character, Malcolm Reynolds, has quickly become one of my all-time favorite TV personas. He’s who I want to be when I grow up…

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  1. jeezus criminy…i feel lazy now. Busy is good though.

    Posted by Shannon on Thursday, May 25, 2006 – 7:16 AM

  2. hey, can i borrow your firefly when you’re done? and you’re right, Mal is king.

    Posted by Trav on Monday, May 29, 2006 – 10:48 PM

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