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Originally Posted to Blogger – Thursday, December 21, 2006

Today, after over a year of saving and oddball freelance jobs, I finally acquired a new computer. I call her Serenity, and she’s a MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo, all white, sleek and lightweight.

This is a pretty big jump from my Mac Mini, which is 4 processors back (G4-G5-Core Duo-Core 2 Duo) and feeling the strain of heavy programs like Photoshop CS2, Flash 8 and Dreamweaver 8 (and I tend to run these and other programs all at the same time).

The thing, though, is that I bought this machine primarily for writing. Some time ago, I started clearing the spare room first used for video games and random storage to create a writing room. I wanted a separate space from the office, where the Mini is and where we do all of our general computer stuff, plus my freelance design. It’s also where I practice and record music, my (seldom used) drawing table is in there, and a ton of books, files and other who’sits and what’sits live there, too. It’s a cluttered space, and I wanted to escape that to some degree to write. Plus, having the second machine in it’s own space allows Wendy and I to both get online and do our stuff at the same time, instead of hovering over the other, waiting for them to log off.

To a degree, I’ve been waiting on this machine to really dig into my writing projects. Which, of course, was an excuse to procrastinate. I’ve not been completely idle, though. Over the past year and a half, I’ve filled a dense, gridlined book with my tiny, hasty print, detailing story ideas, comic scripts, full scenes, character descriptions, scraps of song lyrics and even, uncharacteristically, a poem or two. Only the script to a comic project with my buddy Gene, Good Intentions, has made it’s way to the computer screen.

In January, I’m going underground. When I’m not at work, I’ll be writing and working on my (long overdue) music demo. I’m burning some vacation time and taking a week off, to concentrate on my creative projects. The rest of the month, my evenings will be devoted to advancing those projects. I’m reserving one night a week for my girl, and one for being social. If all goes according to plan (when does that ever happen?), the rest of the time I’ll be a hermit. Hopefully I’ll make some real headway, and it will give me an honest idea of what it’s like to pursue that kind of creative life.

Some of you might be thinking, “he’s kind of a hermit anyway”. And that’s true at times. I guard my private time fiercely, mostly because my busy lifestyle has always been an obstacle to my creative life. I’m learning, though, that I need to be my own Ganesha and clear away those obstacles, and excuses. When I’m creative and productive, I’m a way happier guy, and generally more social.

So, January, me and Serenity get to know each other. But first, Christmas and the hallowed Armadian tradition, New Year’s Eve shindig! Happy (insert appropriate religious / social / Hallmark holiday here)!


  1. A big woo-hooo for goals! Serentiy sounds fabulous. I’m sure the two of you will become great friends. Hopefully she maintains the kind of friendship where she will kick your ass if you start to procrastinate any longer on your creative projects.

    Posted by Kristal on Thursday, December 21, 2006 – 9:34 AM

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