A Comics Anthology by Adron Buske

Vital Signs cover. Art by Joe Dodd.The 60-page Vital Signs comics anthology features five tales from writer Adron Buske (that’s me!) across a variety of genres (science fiction, suspense, fantasy adventure, action thriller, and dramatic), each featuring the wonderful work of a different artist.

This international roster of talent includes artists living in the Philippines, England, Australia, and the United States. Each provided a distinct visual flair to my stories, bringing each unique world and set of characters to vivid life. You can see previews and details for each story below.

The Vital Signs cover, featuring characters from the stories Mnemosyren and Sorceroid, was produced by the exceptional Joe Dodd.

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Story & Letters: Adron Buske | Art: Erwin J. Arroza | Colors: Gene Kelly
Interior Cover Art & Colors: Erwin J. Arroza

A sentient, robotic mage defends a mysterious supernatural force from a secret agency devoted to the eradication of magic.


Story & Letters: Adron Buske | Art & Tones: Rori! | Colors: Gene Kelly & Mary McKenzie

Pain and doom follow the appearance of a dark mark. but, for the only man who can see it, is the black hand death itself, or simply madness?


Story: Adron Buske | Art, Colors & Letters: Gene Kelly | Interior Cover: James O. Ross

Eight adventurers embark on a righteous quest to save their realm. but what songs will the bards sing of those who went bravely into the night… never to return?


Story & Letters: Adron Buske | Art & Tones: David Thor Fjalarsson | Colors: Gene Kelly

Disrupting an assassination attempt violently exposes a young woman to an international conspiracy – and a dangerous piece of technology.


Story, Letters & Colors: Adron Buske | Art & Tones: Elena Vitagliano

A specter from the past interrupts an elderly man’s solitude, leading him on a journey of rediscovery.

An enormous thanks to GENE KELLY who contributed at every stage of this anthology’s creation.

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