Written by Adron Buske. Art by Yashera Ames.

Amby Verce and The Ascenders, by Adron Buske and Yashera AmesMy new all-ages series, Amby Verce & The Ascenders, is a steampunk-inflected fantasy adventure featuring art from exciting newcomer Yashera Ames.

In the tradition of classic animated journey quests, Amby Verce follows the crew of the airship Ascender as they search for seven missing “City Ships” and the immensely powerful Citadel Engine. The finest Mechanolater engineer in a generation, Amby must use all of her skills to unlock ancient secrets, overcome marauders and fight off the dreaded, unearthly Necrolatry as she seeks the lost factions of her people.

The book features an all-new fantasy world full of excitement and danger, with elements of steampunk, anime / manga, anthropomorphic characters and cartoon serials. The relatable titular protagonist, Amby Verce, is both rough-and-tumble and feminine, ambitious and compassionate. An engineer first and foremost, Amby provides a technology-centric female character who is not relegated to a sidekick role, but rather the star of her own adventures.

The first Amby Verce tale, “The Lighthouse Adventure”, is currently available in print & digital formats, with more stories coming soon!

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The story, as told by Amby herself:

Years ago, my people lived in a majestic floating city, high above the mist-covered, corrupted continent below. The heart of the city was the Citadel Engine, a mechanical marvel that provided power and protection to a population living in peace.

But then the otherworldly Necrolatry rose up from the lands below to steal the power of the Engine for themselves. Unable to fend off our enemies, the city leaders devised a plan to save our people and protect the Engine. They split the floating city into eight ships, each carrying a portion of the population and a piece of the Citadel Engine. These “city ships” flew away in eight different directions, each hoping to escape the Necrolatry and find safe harbor. But as the remains of the abandoned city fell from the sky, the fleeing ships lost contact, each pursued across the mists…

My family was part of the original crew of the city ship Ascender. They found a mist-free land far away, where the great ship eventually became the cliff-top city of Ascension. One eighth of the Citadel Engine sits locked away in Ascension, still incomplete. Generations have passed without word from the other city ships.

Now, though, the mists are closing in again. To protect our way of life, we must discover the fate of the missing ships and reconstruct the Citadel Engine.

My name is Ambyrtine “Amby” Verce, daughter of Ascension’s head Mechanolater. I’m searching for the seven lost ships, aboard an all-new Ascender airship. Mysterious places, hidden dangers, mercenaries, and the dreaded Necrolatry stand in my way. But together with my crew – my brother, Edmund; our nanny, Ms. Darashyne; our steward, Valo; and my mechanical pet, Cluckwerk – I know we can rebuild the Citadel Engine and reunite our people!

About the Artist

YASHERA AMES (aka ChachaBingbing) is a state-hopping, New York born artist and daydreamer with a passion for all things imaginative and fantastical. Inspired as a child by the Saturday morning cartoons of yesterday, she knew early on that sharing her art with the world at large would be her calling. Her fondness for art is only rivaled by her love of music, gaming, and general geekery. 

Twitter: @ChachaBingbing
Facebook: facebook.com/ChachaBing.squared
DeviantArt: chachabingbing.deviantart.com

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