I’m an independently published comic writer, including the Vital Signs anthology, steampunk/fantasy all-ages series Amby Verce & The Ascenders, fantasy adventure one-shot Good Intentions, and former webcomic series Loop & Hoodie. More on all that below. I’m also a letterer and production artist. If you are interested in working with me, please use the contact page.

My Comics & Graphic Novels

Vital Signs cover. Art by Joe Dodd.

Vital Signs: A Comics Anthology
Written by Adron Buske. Art by Erwin J. Arroza, Rori!, Gene Kelly, David Thor Fjalarsson and Elena Vitagliano.

My anthology of original comic stories, Vital Signs, debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. The book features five new comic tales across a variety of genres – “Sorceroid”, “Path of the Black Hand”, “Good Intentions”, “Mnemosyren” and “Corners” – each featuring the wonderful work of a different artist.

This international roster of talent includes artists living in the Philippines, England, Australia, and the United States. Each provided a distinct visual flair to my stories, bringing each unique world and set of characters to vivid life.

The Vital Signs cover, featuring characters from the stories “Mnemosyren” and “Sorceroid”, was produced by the exceptional Joe Dodd.

More information and sample pages are available here.

Amby Verce and The Ascenders, by Adron Buske and Yashera Ames

Amby Verce & The Ascenders
Written by Adron Buske. Art by Yashera Ames.

My new all-ages series, Amby Verce & The Ascenders, is a steampunk-inflected fantasy adventure featuring art from exciting newcomer Yashera Ames.

In the tradition of classic animated journey quests, Amby Verce follows the crew of the airship Ascender as they search for the seven missing City Ships and the immensely powerful Citadel Engine. The finest Mechanolater engineer in a generation, Amby must use all of her skills to unlock ancient secrets, overcome marauders and fight off the dreaded, unearthly Necrolatry as she seeks the lost factions of her people.

The book features an all-new fantasy world full of excitement and danger, with elements of steampunk, anime / manga, anthropomorphic characters and cartoon serials. The relatable titular protagonist, Amby Verce, is both rough-and-tumble and feminine, ambitious and compassionate. An engineer first and foremost, Amby provides a technology-centric female character who is not relegated to a sidekick role, but rather the star of her own adventures.

The first Amby Verce tale, “The Lighthouse Adventure”, is currently available in print, with more stories coming soon. More info and preview pages here.

Loop & Hoodie #1

Loop & Hoodie
Written by Adron Buske. Art by Dan Cassity. Colors by Travis Nuckolls.

A supernatural adventure “buddy comedy”, Loop & Hoodie follows Lee (Loop) and Paul (Hoodie), two friends at a medium-sized but notable university. When the school receives an important and controversial archeological collection, mysterious events put the two guys at the front-lines of an ancient supernatural tug-of-war.

Armed with powerful artifacts – but absolutely no knowledge of how to use them – Lee and Paul must juggle school, jobs and so-called social lives with their new roles as mystical protectors. Newly christened as Loop & Hoodie, they fight to keep the collection out of the wrong hands – but there’s a lot of hands reaching, and it’s not always obvious who’s on which side. And with a student journalist shadowing them and blogging about their adventures, Lee and Paul’s lives are about to get even more complicated…

Loop & Hoodie Issue #1 is available now. For more info, visit LoopAndHoodie.com

Good Intentions: A One-Shot Fantasy Comic

Good Intentions
Written by Adron Buske. Art by Gene Kelly. Cover by James O. Ross.

A wizened old mystic gathers a group of proud, glory-hunting adventurers together for a quest to save the realm. It’s a classic trope of the fantasy genre, particularly familiar to anyone who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons.

We know the stories of the victors, the legends and lore of brave deeds, monsters slain and treasure acquired. Good Intentions asks the question, what about the would-be heroes who ventured boldly into the night – and never came back? And what are the ramifications of their failure?

Good Intentions is a self-contained fantasy one-shot comic with gorgeous black & white art from Gene Kelly. (This story is available in color in the Vital Signs anthology.) See preview pages here.

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