About Adron Buske

My name is Adron, which is the kind of designation your parents give you when you’re the last of fifteen children. (Yes, I’m #15.) I’m a multi-discipline creative professional with 16+ years of experience working in graphic design for web & print, website development & maintenance, creative direction, multimedia production, content writing, photography, team leadership, digital marketing strategy, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I stay busy.

Aside from the usual business, I’m a podcast producer, a writer of comics & graphic novels, prose and screenplays, and an infrequently performing singer/songwriter/musician.

I live in the St. Louis metro area with my lovely wife, Wendy Buske, her special needs brother, John, and our feisty, brilliant dog Domino.

Nerd For A Living – Podcasts for the Ambitious Geek

In July 2013, my wife and I co-founded Nerd For A Living. Initially intended to be a resource article website for career-minded geeks, it evolved into a family of podcasts. Each show explores the lives and careers of professionals working in pop-culture industries. A mix of vocational information and entertaining anecdotes, these interviews are designed to provide inspiration and actionable information to the ambitious “nerd”. I am the host for each show, and am the creative director and audio producer for all our podcasts.

Nerd For A Living Podcast
Fictitious Podcast, from Nerd For A Living
Animation Invasion Podcast, from Nerd For A Living