About Adron Buske

My name is Adron, which is the kind of designation your parents give you when you’re the last of fifteen children. (Yes, I’m #15. I have 10 sisters. The mind boggles, right?) I’m a multi-discipline creative professional with 15+ years of experience working in graphic design for web & print, website development & maintenance, creative direction, multimedia production, content writing, photography, team leadership, digital marketing strategy, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I stay busy.

Aside from the usual business, I’m a writer of comics & graphic novels, prose and screenplays, a podcast producer, and an infrequently performing singer/songwriter/musician.

I live in the St. Louis metro area with my lovely wife, Wendy Buske, her special needs brother, John, and our feisty, brilliant dog Domino.

Nerd For A Living

In late 2013, my wife and I started a business resource and consulting business focused on geek-related industries called Nerd For A Living. We’re both big nerds ourselves, and created N4AL in response to conversations we had with friends and colleagues about the desire to apply careers and talents to businesses and products close to our geeky hearts.

N4AL is dedicated to helping nerds discover fulfilling, profitable and sustainable career paths in the industries like comics, gaming, anime, genre film and television, publishing, and more. Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, a developer or DIYer, N4AL provides tools and information to help you pursue and achieve those goals. Wendy and I host a podcast for N4AL, and are frequent speakers and panelists at comic and entertainment conventions.

Armadian Creative

In May 2013, I stepped away from my role as a corporate creative director for a major national radio company to focus on my creative endeavors, including starting my own company, Armadian Creative. Armadian provides digital and traditional marketing solutions and unique brand storytelling for clients of all sizes. It allows me to utilize my wide array of skills, plus call on my network of immensely talented creative, technical and business professionals as needed for special projects.

Armadian offers a variety of technical and creative services including graphic design for print & web; website design, development & maintenance; digital marketing & social media strategy consulting; custom photography & retouching; illustration & sequential art storytelling; copywriting; and email marketing & template design.