I’m a multi-discipline creative professional.

Multimedia storyteller. Podcaster. Speaker. Digital media professional. Photographer. Comic creator. Musician. I like to stay busy, you know?


I'm the co-founder of Armadian Media & Entertainment, which produces the Nerd For A Living family of podcasts and related events. I have over 16 years experience working in digital & broadcast media and marketing. My specialties include graphic design, web design & development, digital strategy, copywriting, photography, video production & direction, podcast production, and team leadership.

More About Me

Nerd For A Living – Podcasts for the Ambitious Geek

Nerd For A Living Podcast
Fictitious Podcast, from Nerd For A Living
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Comic Book Releases

Vital Signs: A Comics Anthology by Adron Buske
Amby Verce & The Ascenders
Good Intentions